Panda Nursery Facilities

Baby Rooms

Our baby room is on the ground level and is split into 2 rooms, the main room and also a quiet resting room for the children  Staff in the baby room will follow your baby's individual routine as much as possible while they attend the setting. Babies will be offered fresh blended vegetables and progress onto home cooked blended meals and finger foods when you feel they are ready to do so. All babies will be given a daily diary that we will write in daily letting you know what fun you child has been having as well as what they have eaten etc. Panda staff recognise that a child's first few weeks at nursery can be hard for both children and parents. Settling in sessions are offered starting with both parent and child spending some time within the room and increasing the time the child spends alone during each visit. These visits are offered until child and parent are happy. 

Parents can bring their child for as many settling in sessions as they need until they are confident that their child is happy and settled. We have a quiet reception area should parents wish to stay in the setting whilst their child plays during their first few visits. Staff in the baby room will set up individual planning for your child which will be displayed in the baby room for you to look at daily. Staff will also write a daily diary so you can see how your child's day has been and also for you to write notes back to staff should you wish to do so. The baby room has many musical and sensory toys to keep your child busy during the day as well as staff planning activities such as water play, painting, jelly play etc. Staff will also take the babies for short walks in the pushchairs in the warmer months should the parents give permission. As with all children the baby's will have access to outdoor play at least twice a day at the parent's discretion and weather permitting.



Toddler Room

Our toddler rooms are on the upstairs level and consist of 3 rooms. The two adjoining rooms are where the majority of children will play with one of the rooms being a specific messy play room for the children to have free flow entry too. This room will have craft activities out at all times which will relate to the child's interests, topic of the month, or simply free choice. We are encouraging our toddlers to self-select their own activities and tidy away after themselves.


As most toddlers still have a rest during the day we have created a wonderful quiet/sensory room for the children to rest. The room has small beds, cushions and beanbags for the children to lie on whilst listening to soothing lullabies and looking at our twinkling stars.


Staff in the toddler room will be encouraging you child to become more independent whilst with them in the toddler room. Children will eat at small tables in the room. We encourage using a knife and fork, sitting at the table nicely, and using manners. Of course whilst in the toddler room it is likely that children may start potty training, please speak to your child's keyworker and we can help you get this started. Some parents find it easier to start this process at nursery as usually there is more than one child learning to use the toilet, so we find it helps when their friends are being big boys and girls too!



Pre-school Room

Our pre-school room is for children aged 3-5years it is. Our qualified and experienced staff work hard to ensure the environment is educational whilst encouraging lots of imaginative play! The room is set up into lots of different area's some of which are writing area, maths area, book corner, water/sand play, construction and many more! These are what we call on-going areas meaning activities are set out in these areas at all times. Staff follow the EYFS framework to monitor your child and encourage them in any area's we feel necessary. We always learn through play! As with all the children in our setting each child will have theirlearning journey' folder which will be bulging with the child's work and many observations to show their reception teacher what your child can do when they are ready to move to school!


The room split into 2 area's including our carpeted area and also a messy area where children will have access to craft activities throughout the day. We encourage our pre-school children to become independent and therefore can self-select all equipment such as paints, drawing materials, sticking activities etc. Our pre-school room is nearest to the garden area, pre-school children will be taken outside as and when they wish to do so.


Panda Food

All food at panda nursery will be home cooked, fresh and made on the premises. We have a housekeeper that does all our cooking for us and we will endeavour to meet every child's needs. If a child has an allergy to any foods then a separate meal will be cooked for them. We use plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and limit the amount of sugar used within desserts. The menus are set into a four weekly plan which is displayed in the reception; though please feel free to ask for a copy. I have added an example of a typical week of food at Panda.




Breakfast - Breakfast will be served in the setting between 6am-8.30am children can select from a choice of cereals, porridge toast and fruit.


Snacks - The children in each room will have a snack table where fruit is kept throughout the day and monitored by staff. We have specific snack times though also allow children to freely select snack if they become hungry. Cups and jugs of water will be available to the children all day though parents are asked to bring in bottles/beakers for their child to keep on the snack table.


Lunch - All lunches will be served at 11.30 though this may differ in the baby rooms. All food is freshly prepared by our housekeeper and each dessert will incorporate fruit within it.


PM Snack - At around 3.30pm children will be given a larger snack to carry them on until home time this will be something like sandwiches, crackers and cheese, homemade scones, teacakes etc